Industrial Advisory Board’s Mission

The IAB mission is to:

  • Regularly review, advise and direct programming in the Department of Biomedical Engineering to help the Department better achieve its mission
  • Enhance the biomedical professional community through advising
    • BME education and training scope and focus
    • BME information dissemination and communication, and
    • BME research and academic-industrial collaborations
  • Student Education and Training
  • Dissemination of BME achievements and competence
  • Communication to stakeholders, including local industry
  • Student and trainee opportunities in research and industrial collaboration
  • Academic programming
  • Student training effectiveness
  • The department’s relevance to addressing current medtech/life science industrial goals and interests
  • Industrial employee requirements
  • The department’s performance assessments and accreditation needs, and other academic reporting purposes
  • For students, by facilitating and enabling work experience opportunities with:
    • Biomedical industry in Utah
    • Internships
    • Employment needs from industry
    • Student research/senior project opportunities
  • For faculty, by providing information on:
  • For industry, by providing:
    • potential projects that can be efficiently solved in academic research settings

Voting Members

Roya Borazjani, Ph.D., MBA

WW VP Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

Kelly Christian M.S., Senior Director of Product Dev./R&D

BD Medication Delivery Solutions (formerly Bard Access Systems)

Christopher Gibson, Ph.D. CEO

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Jeffrey R. Nelson, M.B.A. SM (NRCM)

Nelson Laboratories

Tomasz Petelenz, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Utah

Lynne Shwed M.S.

Director, Engineering – R&D / New Product Development
Edwards Lifesciences, Transcatheter Heart Valves Business Unit

Non-Voting Members

David Grainger, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor & Chair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Utah