IAB Mission

The IAB mission is to:

  • Regularly review, advise and direct programming in the Department of Biomedical Engineering to help the Department better achieve its mission
  • Enhance the biomedical professional community through advising
    • BME education and training scope and focus
    • BME information dissemination and communication, and
    • BME research and academic-industrial collaborations

IAB Functions

The IAB advises the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the areas of:

  • Student Education and Training,
  • Dissemination of BME achievements and competence, and
  • Communication to stakeholders, including local industry,
  • Student and Trainee Opportunities in Research and Industrial Collaboration

IAB provides input to the Department to evaluate and guide:

  • Academic programming,
  • Student training effectiveness,
  • The Department’s relevance to addressing current medtech/life science industrial goals and interests,
  • Industrial employee requirements
  • the Department’s performance assessments and accreditation needs, and other academic reporting purposes.

IAB acts as liaison between the Department and Industry:

  • For students, by facilitating and enabling work experience opportunities with:
    • Biomedical industry in Utah
    • Internships
    • Employment needs from industry
    • Student research/senior project opportunities
  • For faculty, by providing information on:
  • For Industry, by providing:
    • potential projects that can be efficiently solved in academic research settings

Voting Members

Roya Borazjani, Ph.D., MBA

WW VP Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

Kelly Christian M.S., Senior Director of Product Dev./R&D

BD Medication Delivery Solutions (formerly Bard Access Systems)

Christopher Gibson, Ph.D. CEO

Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Chris.Gibson@ recursionpharma.com

Jeffrey R. Nelson, M.B.A. SM (NRCM)

Nelson Laboratories

Tomasz Petelenz, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Utah

Lynne Shwed M.S.

Director, Engineering – R&D / New Product Development
Edwards Lifesciences, Transcatheter Heart Valves Business Unit

Non-Voting Members

David Grainger, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor & Chair
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Utah