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Biomedical Engineering e-News:    Issue 3, 2014

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U Bioengineering Grad Student Speaks at White House

Based on her involvement with the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholar program, Daria Nesterovich, graduate student in Bioengineering at the U was asked to be the first speaker, prior to the opening talk, at the first ever White House conference on the BRAIN Initiative. Daria talked about the research into improving treatment efficacy in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease that she is doing in Prof. Dorval's laboratory.

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BME Video Series Starts Today

Following up on the video she created at the end of last semester, bioengineering student Minna Wang is now working with videographer Michel Pesirla to create a series of short "BME Experience" videos for the department website. Each video will typically feature interviews and document personal insights, challenges and achievements across the spectrum of biomedical engineering - as experienced by each of our constituents. Minna will be creating a new video roughly every two months during the academic year.

The first in the series is available today and it focuses on other student's experiences in, and expectations of, Bioengineering at the U. To watch it now click here.

Later videos will highlight research projects, as well as the views of alumni and faculty. Please watch for new videos on the home page.

Bioen Home

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A New Logo for the Department!

The department of Bioengineering is proud to launch our new logo which associates the department with the iconic mountains in which we live, work and play. This dynamic new logo is in keeping with the rapid growth of the department and our successes in research publication impact (as measured by h-index) and student satisfaction (as shown by our #6 ranking in the fall survey by the The Graduate Programs Foundation). We believe the new logo will immediately link our image to the majestic environment that we get to enjoy every day, and the beautiful setting the department has called home since the 1960s.

Welcome the new image of the Department of Bioengineering at the U: look for it to be emblazoned on posters, slide presentations, banners, letterhead, shirts, mugs, you name it.

For more about the department's recent successes check out our new "Department at a Glance" page.

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