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Brett Burton

Current Research


J Coll-Font, BM Burton, JD Tate, B Erem, DJ Swenson, D Wang, DH Brooks, P vanDam, RS Macleod. "New Additions to the Toolkit for Forward/Inverse Problems in Electrocardiography within the SCIRun Problem Solving Environment" Computers in Cardiology 2014.

JD Tate, T Pilcher, K Aras, BM Burton, RS Macleod. "Verification of a Defibrillation Simulation Using Internal Electric Fields in a Human Shaped Phantom" Computers in Cardiology 2014.

K Aras, BM Burton, DJ Swenson, RS MacLeod. "Sensitivity of epicardial electrical markers to ischemia detection" Journal of Electrocardiology 47 (6): 836-4,1 2014.


P Rosen, BM Burton, K Potter, CR Johnson. "Visualization for understanding uncertainty in the simulation of myocardial ischemia" The 3rd International Workshop on Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences.

BM Burton, B Erem, K Potter, P Rosen, CR Johnson, DH Brooks, RS MacLeod. "Uncertainty visualization in forward and inverse cardiac models" Computers in Cardiology 2013.


S Meng, J Zhao, BM Burton, NA Lever, IJ LeGrice, BH Smaill. "Accurate endocardial activation representation of atria by noncontact mapping" Computers in Cardiology 2012.


BM Burton, JD Tate, B Erem, DJ Swenson, DF Wang, DH Brooks, PM van Dam, RS MacLeod. "Forward/Inverse toolkit in the SCIRun problem solving environment" EMBC: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2011.


DJ Swenson, JG Stinstra, BM Burton, KK Aras, L Healy, RS MacLeod. "Evaluating the Effects of Border Zone Approximations with Subject Specific Ischemia Models" Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of the IUPESM 2009 in press.

DJ Swenson, JG Stinstra, BM Burton, KK Aras, RS MacLeod. "Wave Equation Based Interpolation on Volumetric Cardiac Electrical Potentials" Computers in Cardiology 2009.