Utah Biomedical Engineering Program #6 in the Nation – According to the students!

According to rankings of the 25 best graduate BME programs in the nation as
compiled by the non-profit Graduate Programs Foundation in Fall 2014,
and based solely on rankings and reviews from current or recent graduate students,
the University of Utah’s Biomedical Engineering program was ranked #6 in the nation.
Other notable rankings include Columbia University at #1, USC at # 9, Northwestern University at #13,
and Stanford University at #14. For the full list see:

The rankings were based on input submitted during a period of more than
18 months and by more than 60,000 students participating in greater than
1,500 graduate programs around the country. Using a 10-point scale,
students evaluated 15 specific ranking categories at each graduate school
including academic competitiveness, career support, quality of network,
affordability of living, Workload, and Faculty Accessibility & Support.
Rankings for a given program are not assigned until a minimum threshold
of graduate student surveys are completed for that program.

According to “JS” who posted a comment on the Graduate Programs website about
the U’s BME program:

“Having been to and worked for other schools
before and after graduation I have been
thoroughly impressed by the academic foundation
the U provides it’s students. Faculty are
accessible, knowledgeable and friendly.
Additional career tools are provided through
the many innovation and entrepreneurship
programs offered. Students are extremely
competitive in both academia and industry or
business after leaving the program.
Salt Lake City is a great place as long as you
are not looking for a really big city feel.
There are endless things to do, especially if
you like the outdoors. Diversity is much better
than many think, and the U is actually very
diverse as far as male to female students and
faculty compared to other programs.
Don’t hesitate applying to the U.”

The Graduate Programs Foundation is a non-profit
entity that dispenses scholarships to students
who have been selected at random as winners after
participating in Graduate Programs Rate and Review
program. – See more at:

* This article was updated on October 22nd, 2014 with the Fall 2014 rankings.