For Whom Is This Minor Intended?

If you are interested in learning how to apply the knowledge gained in your major to biomedical applications and to direct your training toward helping others, this minor program is tailored for you. Qualified students majoring in any area who meet the prerequisites for the minor classes are eligible for this program. In many cases, if you choose the technical elective classes in your major wisely you will need to take only a few additional courses.

Minor Program Requirements

Formal admission to the program is required (see below). A Minor in Biomedical Engineering is awarded upon completion of:

  • Math 2250 – Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
  • Biology 2020 – Principles of Cell Biology
  • 6 cr. hrs. of Life Science Emphasis courses from the Biomedical Engineering Dept. (Category I list available here)
  • 7 cr. hrs. of Engineering Emphasis courses from the Biomedical Engineering Dept. (Category II list available here)

How to Apply

Download an application from the Department of Biomedical Engineering website or obtain a copy from the Department Office. You must have a cumulative University earned GPA—as listed on your DARS report—at least as high as that required of students applying for admission to major status in Biomedical Engineering for the semester you are applying. After filling in your proposed coursework plan of study, meet with the Department’s Minor Program Advisor to finalize your application.

For More Information

Contact the Department’s Minor Program Advisor.