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BME Course List & Class Schedules

To see what courses are offered by the department, as well as when and who teaches them, check out the BME Course List page.  To see the class schedules for various semesters, check out the BME Class Schedules Page.

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Graduate Handbook

Fall 2020 Course Information

This semester, our courses have different elements in a mix of in-person and online delivery so we created this table to help explain the options.  Classes organized by Canvas means that students will have to select options via the course Canvas page and not the formal UofU schedule.  Please check your Canvas page as soon as it is available and contact the instructor with questions.

Course # Title Lecture schedule/plan Organize by schedule or Canvas Lab schedule/plan Organize by schedule or Canvas
6081 BioInnovate 1) In-person and on-line lectures
2) In-person labs
Schedule 1) 2/week (M) In person lab Schedule and then split into two groups
6181 Clinical Problem Solving 1) In-person and on-line lectures Schedule
6305 Cell & Tissue Eng II 1) In-person lectures: attendance optional
2) Lectures will be recorded and uploaded for subsequent viewing
6440 Neural Engineering 1) Online lecture material: asynchronous
2) Synchronous meetings during class time slots
3) Attendance, either in person or via Zoom, is required
6470 Neural Engineering Research Group 1) IVC Seminars: synchronous
2) Attendance required
6640 Image Processing 1) IVC: synchronous
2) Attendance required
6810 Image Analysis Seminar 1) IVC: synchronous
2) Attendance required
6900 Data Sci for BMEs 1) IVC: synchronous
2) Attendance required
7210 Comp Biomechanics 1) Online, synchronous lectures (IVC)
2) 2x/week, TUE, THU
Schedule na na
7320 3D Reconstruction 1) IVC Lectures: synchronous
2) Attendance required

Misconduct Policies for Biomedical Engineering Students

This document describes the policies and procedures used by the Department of Biomedical Engineering relating to academic misconduct of any student enrolled in a Biomedical Engineering course (e.g., Biomedical Engineering 1010) or any course that is cross-listed with a Biomedical Engineering course (e.g., NEUSC 6050). This policy is in effect starting November 2, 2018, for courses starting in Spring Semester, 2019 and thereafter.  Please download the latest version here.

Model Timelines for Program Completion