To celebrate the 12th annual National Postdoc Appreciation Week (September 20-24), the Department of Biomedical Engineering spotlights with pride our BME postdoctoral scholars and their contributions to research.

Victoria Kohout, Ph.D. (P.I. Jessica Kramer)

“My NIH-F32 funded research in the Kramer laboratory focuses on better understanding how the major component of mucus, mucin proteins, work on a molecular level in human health and disease. Mucins come in many forms and researchers cannot easily isolate them from natural sources.  My postdoctoral studies involve making various mucin mimics that have defined structures using chemical techniques. I am using these mimics to investigate interactions with mucus dwelling pathogens.”

Taylor Webb, Ph.D. (P.I. Jan Kubanek)

“I am developing a technique to non-invasively treat deep brain structures with high spatial and temporal specificity. We focus ultrasound through in-tact scalp and skull into ~3 mm regions in the deep brain. The beam is steered electronically, enabling the treatment of multiple regions simultaneously or in sequence. I am working with various human and animal models to bring this treatment to the clinic. I juggle that with being a dad of four kids and I love it.”

The University of Utah Postdoctoral Association is hosting a variety of events to celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week—click here to view the week’s schedule of events.