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Richard Rabbitt

Current Research

Biophysics, biomechanics and neurophysiology of the inner ear including the cochlea, semicircular canals and otolith organs. Optical stimulation of neurons, hair cells, myocytes and synaptic transmission. Ultrasound neural stimulation. Technical Expertise: Electrophysiology, Physiology, Instrumentation, Data acquisition and control, Mathematical modeling and analysis, Software development

Active Grants:

“Biophysics and Biomechanics of the Semicircular Canals” (NIH R01 DC006685), 

"Mechanisms of Blast-Induced Vestibular Injury" (NIH R01 DC018919)

Recently Completed Projects:  

“Focused Ultrasound Activation of Vestibular Otolith Organs” (NIH R21 DC016443).   “Sound evoked vestibular responses” Subcontract from H. Zhu, U Mississippi, (NIH R01 DC012060).   “Biomechanics of the semicircular canals” (NIH R01 DC06685).   “Infrared photoactivation of inner ear hair cells” (NIH R01 DC011481).   “Micro-Electric Impedance Spectroscopy of Hair Cells” (NIH R01 DC04928)