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Vladimir Hlady

Current Research

Research in the Proteins - Polymers - Interfaces Group (PPIG) focuses on proteins and other macromolecules at biomaterial-host tissue interfaces. Recent research themes include: - evaluating the role of upstream agonists on downstream platelets-biomaterial surface interactions, - studying the role of biomaterial surface heterogeneity on the transient platelet-surface interactions, - developing microfluidic assays for measuring the efficacy of anti-platelet agents, - investigating the role of astrocyte-expressed glycosaminoglycans in neuronal regeneration, and  - measuring micromechanical properties of endothelial glycocalyx in lung microvasculature.

Our main approach is to observe interfacial events involving few molecules at short length and time scales. Surface Analysis and Imaging Laboratory utilizes various experimental techniques such as FCS, TIRF, SFM, QCM, SPR and others.