The College of Engineering and the University Medical Center are working together at the interface between clinical medicine and biomedical engineering to develop and commercialize biomedical products and related technologies. The partnerships that we establish to facilitate this interaction build upon the Salt Lake Valley’s known prominence in biomedical device design and production, and also provide attractive avenues for future new growth.

The goals of the Biomedical Device Innovation program are to create educational and research programs that leverage the medicine / engineering interface to enhance product development both within the University and with our local medical device industry.

Biomedical Engineering students are currently working with a number of clinical partners to explore ideas that can translate into product prototypes. The students work with clinicians to develop product requirements, specifications, prototypes and verification test plans. The output from the student work may form the basis for opportunities that extend beyond the scope of the course including the development of new intellectual property and participation in design competitions.

We rely on our clinical partners and industrial partners to help guide this product development process. For more information regarding funding opportunities, research collaboration, Industrial Advisory Board activities or commercialization opportunities please visit or contact Bob Hitchcock .