Each semester, the University’s Office of Undergraduate Research hosts the campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), providing the opportunity for University of Utah students from all disciplines to present their work in a scholarly setting to fellow students, faculty, and members of the broader University community.  Nearly 300 Utah undergraduate student presenters from across the disciplines presented their research in poster, oral, and even a performance presentation format (https://our.utah.edu/urs/semester/spring-2024/).

This semester, Utah BME was represented by 9 students, presenting a variety of their research findings. Those attending were Aksel Anderson (Poster: “Three-Dimensional Mapping of Coronary Vasculature Geometries”, Winner, Best Overall Poster, Research Mentor: Rob MacLeod), Rui Jin (Poster: “Signal Processor for Electrogram and Electroanatomic Data (SPEED)”, Research Mentor: Rob MacLeod), Isaac Kendell (Oral talk: “Immunomodulation Improves Cancer Cell Clearance by T Cells During Multi-Antigen T Cell Hybridizer Therapy”, Research Mentor: Jindřich Kopeček), Peyton Leyendecker (Oral talk: “Unraveling the Q system function in prokaryotes”, Research Mentor: Tara Deans), Madeline Wagner (Poster: “Damage Properties of Tendons Crosslinked with Genipin”, Research Mentor: Jeffrey Weiss), Jude Werth (Poster: “Recording and manipulating neural activity in human brain organoids”, Research Mentor: Jan Kubanek), Travis Martinez (Poster: “Investigative Work in Antibiotic Treatment of Biofilms Using New Reactor Models”, Research Mentor: Dustin Williams), and Porter Stulce (Poster: “Maximizing Impact: Addressing Skin Penetration Challenges of Antiseptic Products for Infection Prevention”, Research Mentor: Dustin Williams).

Aksel Anderson with his Best Overall Poster award from the University’s UROP Undergraduate Symposium, April, 2024.