The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) is run by biomedical engineering graduate students to serve as a liaison between students and the department. We also organize events to build the biomedical engineering community and support our students.

What we do:

  • Perform/facilitate a student committee for retention, promotion, and tenure of BME faculty.
  • Coordinate recruitment of new graduate students.
  • Organize the annual Utah Biomedical Engineering Conference (UBEC).
  • Provide service and local science/engineering outreach opportunities.


Graduate Women in Biomedical Engineering (GWBE) aims to encourage diversity and equality through departmental community building, professional development, and outreach.  GWBE aims to create a productive, inclusive environment in which women and other biomedical engineering students can:

  • seek peer and faculty mentorship,
  • engage in career development with academic and industry professionals,
  • and connect with the surrounding community through STEM outreach and research dissemination.

To stay up to date on GWBE events: