Video: Clinical Immersion Experience

Biomedical Engineering graduate students clinical experience is highlighted through interviews with grad students, surgeon John Langell and Prof. Bob Hitchcock in this video.

The Biomedical Engineering Department at University of Utah prepares graduates to be leaders in the integration of engineering, biology and medicine to detect and treat human disease and disability. The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers degree programs which are consistently ranked amongst the highest in the US. The graduate program draws its graduate faculty from over 30 departments/organizations across 4 colleges, representing both the health science campus and the lower campus. Full time graduate student enrollment exceeds 150 with about a 3:1 ratio of Ph.D. to M.S. students. Demographics are broad and include students from the mountain west, across the nation, Europe, the middle east, India, and the far east. The students are among the very best and brightest and, in terms of quantitative measures, are among the highest achieving students entering any inter-departmental program on campus.

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Graduate Studies

Associate Chair, Graduate Studies:

Alan (Chuck) Dorval

Academic Advisor, Graduate Program:

Laura L. Olsen

Undergraduate Studies

Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies:

Rob S. MacLeod

Advisor, Undergraduate Minor Program:

Douglas A. Christensen

Academic Advisors, Undergraduate Program:

Heather Palmer

Erica Fearnley

Premajor Advisor:

Kelly W. Broadhead