The MS-MBA Dual Degree Program enables you to earn both a two-year Master of Business degree and a one-year Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering in as little as two years.

The Payoff

The MS Biomedical Engineering/MBA combines students’ applied interests and training in Engineering with the comprehensive business sense developed in a full-time MBA program. The result is a professional comfortable moving between the technical and the commercial. So why is this valuable? In simple terms, engineers create and or improve products, processes and systems. However, the ultimate relevance/usefulness of such new knowledge is determined not just by the laws of physics or chemistry, but also by the business environment and the judgment of the market. Conceiving or understanding a technical innovation requires technical depth. Similarly, anticipating or even influencing the market’s reaction requires an integrated understanding of business in addition to the value creation approach fundamental to the business mindset. Professionals trained to exploit both perspectives are valuable assets to companies who rely on technology innovation to stay competitive.

MS BME/MBA graduates will be, with appropriate experience, qualified to direct or manage the transition of new products, processes and systems from the laboratory to the board room. MBA/MS students develop this ability through access to recognized academic programs/faculty, leading edge research centers and substantive participation in commercialization processes available only at the University of Utah. It is the application of coursework in the actual research/development/commercialization process that develops professionals skilled at effectively (1) envisioning technology driven solutions, (2) evaluating those solutions as potential new products or processes, (3) facilitating their rapid instantiation, commercialization and use of in the most appropriate manner, and (4) directing new knowledge development.

The Program

2 + 1 = 2 OR > 3

Because there is intellectual benefit from studying engineering and business administration in a coordinated program, a student enrolled in the joint degree program earns both degrees in 21-24 months of full-time study. In general, students take 21 credit hours (14


and 7 elective) in the College of Engineering, 47 hours (28.5 required and 18.5 elective) in the College of Business and a 6 hour capstone project course taught across the Colleges. Up to 9 credit hours appear on the program of study for both degrees eliminating up to 18 credit hours that would be required to complete the two programs separately. The net is a two year MBA and a one year MS Biomedical Engineering in two years – a considerable time and cost advantage.

More importantly, participating in the academic and research lives of two outstanding colleges throughout their program, gives MS/MBA student a significant leg up when it comes to contributing in the research/development/commercialization process at any stage while at the university and beyond.


(* – 6 hours Life Science Fundamentals, 6 hours Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals and 2 hours Scientific Presentations)

The Details